Become a distributor

We are proud to credit part of our growth and success to our legendary distribution network carried out by very loyal and determined distributors. Our distributors enjoy a myriad of benefits from the close relationship we establish with them.
Kasapreko is customer focused and market-oriented, hence concerned about the changing trends, of the African taste. Our Marketing team is constantly in touch with consumers in order to better meet their needs. The manufactured products are subjected to a complete technical-commercial analysis. Our distribution network furrows all Ghana in order to find you anywhere.
To become a member of our distribution team, please familiarize yourself with the following criteria. You may contact if you have additional inquiries.


A member of the sales and marketing team would conduct a logistics inspection of the potential distributor’s warehouse and forward a brief report to the Chief Marketing and Sales Manager. If it is found satisfactory then the registration would be made by the Accounts Department.


Distributors who over three (3) months do not achieve their targets shall be visited by the Sales Manager, have a discussion of his or her operations and offer professional advice. If persistently such a distributor does not make the target he or she would be directed to buy from any near by big distributor and thus have his or her name deleted from our distributors list. A new strategy of linking target achievement to freight allowance payment shall be instituted soonest to force distributors to strive to achieve their set targets. Until further notice a ban is placed on recruitment of distributors in Greater Accra.


To review and appraise our half year performance and also to listen to the concerns of distributors on the way forward so as to achieve our 2nd half year target. A special “Awards Night” for distributors every four years shall be instituted to reward our local and hardworking customers. This special event shall be held preferably in January of the following year in the year of the awards.


1. Working Capital depending on location

  1. a.
    To sell a minimum quantity of 5,000 cartons a month
  2. b.
    Business registration certificate
  3. c.
    Must have an operating business, preferably in the beverage and distribution industry;
  4. d.
    Must have a permit to import, distribute and sell alcoholic drinks (foreign distributors);
  1. e.
    Must have a sizeable warehouse for product storage;
  2. f.
    Must have distribution vehicles (not less than two(2)) for delivery to retailers in assigned territory;
  3. g.
    Must have the necessary number of staff to operate the business (van sales men, warehouse officers & account officers);
  4. h.
    Must have sufficient working capital and be willing to transfer funds from the importing country to Kasapreko Co. Ltd in Accra, Ghana;
  5. i.
    Must be familiar with his/her country’s regulatory requirements on importation of alcoholic drinks – i.e., registration, tariffs, levies, taxes, marketing, import permit etc;
  1. 4.
    A warehouse or Depot to be branded by Kasapreko
  2. 5.
    Business Registration Certificate
  3. 6.
    Internal Revenue Certificate