Job Purpose

To contribute to ensuring consistent and quality blended product are supplied to all packaging lines by following approved standard procedures.


  • Receive blending program from Blending Supervisor and draw up daily program on blending activities.
  • Daily production orders in SAP of all blended products.
  • Liaise with the engineer on duty to initiate CIP when necessary.
  • Supervise weighing and dissolving of all ingredients and cross check with the MFR before blending.
  • Daily scale check with standard weight, to ensure the scale is within calibration
  • Ensure the volume in the BDM (Batch dosing module) for different recipes are correct.
  • Request required quantities of sugar and acid from Stores for preparation of syrup and ensure correct parameters are obtained.
  • Analyse all blends and syrups to ensure the parameters are within range before inviting QA.
  • Follow up on the final document when the parameters are recorded by QA.
  • Always check and record, and label all returns from production before rework.
  • Ensure no entry of unauthorised persons into the blending hall floor.
  • Monitor the FA Tanks for product back up.
  • Receive concentrate and alcohol from suppliers using the INDAG SYSTEMS.
  • Ensure Availability of RO water always.
  • Monitor the INDAG SYSTEMS for each blend volume and compare with the actual.
  • Always keep recipe files and other classified documents under lock and shred any unwanted document. 


    • A Degree/HND in Food Science, Science Laboratory Tech. or related.
    • Knowledge in HACCP, GMPs FSSC etc.
    • Three (3 years) relevant experience in Food Processing or Bottling Company
    • Strong interpersonal skills with the ability to relate to a diverse group of people
    • Good communication skills and ability to manage organizational behavior
    • Sound analytical skills and an excellent team player 

Deadline: 20th May 2022

Thank you for your interest in working with us.

We are no longer accepting applications for this position.