The Alomo Story

The Legend of the Kasapreko Forest



The invigorating benefits of herbs are legendary in Africa. Since 1989 we have been exquisitely cultivating and crafting Ghana’s precious herbal extracts be quested to us by nature. Our ancestors learnt to live as one within nature they “talked” to the plants and the plants whispered back their secrets. The name of their most precious secret is


“Exquisitely crafted by nature’s hands”

Herbs have been used since ancient times for maintaining good health. Alomo Bitters is a blend of herbal extracts from carefully selected tropical plant extracts based on a secret family recipe, scientifically formulated to ensure your body receives the herbs the way nature intended. Enjoy it straight, on the rocks or with your favorite mixer.





Alomo Bitters is made with purified water, plant extracts and a neutral spirit. This results in a truly authentic herbal drink exquisitely crafted by nature’s hands. It’s best served straight, on the rocks or part of an invigorating cocktail. It is revitalizing.












  • 2012 Super Brand


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