Our Values
and Mission

We are a multinational drinks manufacturing company. Our business is to produce first class brands using authentic traditional blends and world class technology in an environmentally responsible manner to satisfy our customers whilst creating lasting value for our shareholders.

We are guided by a governance structure that encourages organizational effectiveness and motivates staff to achieve excellence.

Quality Drinks for All Everywhere

  • We Value our customers, partners and value the contribution of each person, including our shareholders. We also value the diversity that makes our company more capable.

  • We act with high sense of integrity and work in an ethically conscientious manner. At work, the Company’s interest is our prime motivation.

  • We approach everything with a strong sense of duty, giving a personal guarantee for everything we do and also taking responsibility for what needs to be done.

  • As a team, we strive for excellence. We endeavor to be efficient through competence in the performance of duty and also gain a reputation as highly skilled experts.

  • We work together to achieve great things and also develop a chain with strong individual lins by doing things that build each other up.

Vision and Mission Statement


“Quality drinks for all everywhere”


“To produce quality alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to satisfy consumers through the adoption of modern methods”