A New Era for B2B CO2 Deliveries with a 27,000kg Truck

A New Era for B2B CO2 Deliveries with a 27,000kg Truck

The B2B department of Kasapreko PLC celebrated a significant milestone with the successful acquisition of a 27,000kg truck. This acquisition is a testament to our commitment to increase delivery and providing our customers around Western and Central Africa with the best service and product. 

One of the primary objectives behind the procurement of this massive truck was to amplify the quantity of gas delivered per trip. In doing so, we aim to enhance our customer service by meeting higher demand with fewer deliveries. This not only streamlines our operations but also significantly contributes to reducing our carbon footprint. 

Kasapreko PLC is acutely aware of the pressing need to address environmental concerns and the new 27,000kg truck aligns perfectly with our sustainability goals. By transporting larger quantities of gas in a single journey, we are minimizing the number of trips required, subsequently reducing CO2 emissions. This move exemplifies our commitment to environmentally responsible business practice. 

Beyond the immediate benefits of reducing delivery time and emissions, the acquisition of the 27,000kg truck contributes to overall operational efficiency. By consolidating deliveries, we can allocate resources more effectively, reduce operating costs, and improve resource utilization. This holistic approach aligns perfectly with our commitment to deliver the best service while optimizing our bottom line. 

This marks a significant milestone in Kasapreko, and it exemplifies our dedication to the satisfaction of our clients. As we move forward, we remain committed to finding innovative solutions that benefit our customers, our company, and the planet we all share. 

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