Kasapreko Introduces Carboscan System in CO2 Production

Kasapreko Introduces Carboscan System in CO2 Production

Kasapreko PLC achieves a major milestone by introducing the advanced Carboscan system, a first-of-its-kind technology in Ghana. This system revolutionizes CO2 production monitoring, elevating Kasapreko to global prominence in quality beverage manufacturing.

Through a substantial investment in this cutting-edge system, Kasapreko demonstrates its ongoing commitment to excellence and innovation. The implementation of the Carboscan system reinforces the company’s dedication to maintaining superior CO2 production standards, positioning it as a strong global competitor.

The Carboscan system provides Kasapreko with unprecedented precision and efficiency in monitoring CO2 production. Real-time data enables proactive adjustments, ensuring products consistently surpass international quality benchmarks.

Dr. Nana. Kwasi Amoako, B2B Director at Kasapreko, expressed profound enthusiasm for this achievement, emphasizing the company’s dedication to quality and innovation. 

"The installation of the Carboscan system marks a significant leap forward for Kasapreko. It underscores our commitment to delivering exceptional products to consumers worldwide and positions us as leaders in the industry"

In addition to quality control, the Carboscan system aligns with Kasapreko’s sustainability initiatives by optimizing CO2 production processes, reducing waste, and promoting environmental stewardship. The installation of this system represents a monumental advancement for Kasapreko and the Ghanaian beverage industry, solidifying its position as an industry leader with a focus on quality, innovation, and sustainability in the global marketplace.

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