MOU Signing Between Kasapreko PLC. and GCTU

MOU Signing Between Kasapreko PLC. and GCTU

Kasapreko PLC and Ghana Communications Technology University have formalized a memorandum of understanding, marking their commitment to bridging the gap that exists between academia and the industry. The collaboration is designed to offer students practical, hands-on experiences that will equip them to make meaningful contributions to diverse sectors they may venture into in the future.

Moreover, this partnership affords Kasapreko the opportunity to engage resourceful students from the university, enlisting their talents across various roles within the company. This engagement will provide these students with a platform to expand their knowledge across multiple domains.

Solomon Owusu Bonnah, the HR Manager at Kasapreko PLC, emphasized the importance of this collaboration. Recognizing the time, it takes for newly hired individuals to adapt to the company’s systems and operations, he explained that a pact has been established with technical universities. This pact aims to mentor electrical and mechanical students through internships and national service placements. The goal is to empower these students with practical insights that complement their academic pursuits, making them job ready.

Professor Emmanuel Ohene Afoakwa, the Vice Chancellor of the university, expressed his optimism regarding this partnership. He underscored its potential to furnish students with essential industry exposure, effectively contributing to their personal growth and the overall development of the nation. Furthermore, Professor Afoakwa pointed out the timely nature of this collaboration, foreseeing how it would not only broaden students’ networking horizons but also facilitate their employment prospects, thereby curbing unemployment rates within the country.

The formal signing of the MOU between these two entities is poised to make a significant contribution to the realization of Ghana’s socio-economic development agenda. The event witnessed the presence of distinguished individuals, including Vice Chancellor Prof. Emmanuel Ohene Afoakwa, Pro Vice Chancellor Prof. Robert Ebo Hinson, and other officials from both the university and Kasapreko.

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