Kasapreko Announces Exciting Alomo Fest 2023

Kasapreko Announces Exciting Alomo Fest 2023

Kasapreko PLC Africa’s premier beverage manufacturer and the name behind iconic brands such as Alomo Bitters, is thrilled to unveil an exhilarating and unique marketing experiential – the Alomo Fest.

This unparalleled event aims to bring together like-minded people across Ghana to celebrate music, entertainment, and a sense of community. Alomo Fest promises to be the ultimate weekend getaway, happening every at favorite Pubs and Bars from Friday through Sunday, in major cities including Accra, Kumasi, Takoradi, Cape Coast, Koforidua, Sunyani, and Techiman.

As Ghana’s leading beverage manufacturer, Kasapreko Company Limited is known for its commitment to innovation, quality, and the support of youth culture. The Alomo Fest is a testament to these principles, providing an unforgettable experience that bridges the gap between traditional values and modern-day entertainment.

Highlights of Alomo Fest:

1. *Music Extravaganza:* Alomo Fest will feature electrifying performances by some music artists. Attendees can groove to the rhythms of Afrobeat, highlife, hiplife, and more.

2. *Competitions:* Individuals and groups can showcase their talents through exciting competitions, including dance-offs, singing contests, and more. Prizes await the most talented participants.

3. *Community Building:* Alomo Fest creates a sense of togetherness among attendees, fostering new friendships and connections within the youth community.

4. *Refreshing Alomo Experience:* Attendees will have the opportunity to enjoy Kasapreko’s famous Alomo Bitters, a well-loved beverage with a rich history in Ghana.

Mr. Gerald Bonsu , Commercial Director of Kasapreko Company Limited, expressed his enthusiasm for the event, saying, “The Alomo Fest is not just a marketing campaign; it’s a celebration of our vibrant Ghanaian culture and the creative spirit of our youth. We’re excited to connect with our consumers in a meaningful way and give back to the community that has supported us throughout our journey.”

The campaign is set to become a weekend staple for Ghanaians, offering an unforgettable experience that combines entertainment, competition, and a shared love for music. With events taking place every weekend in multiple cities, Alomo Fest is a testament to Kasapreko’s commitment to innovation, quality, and the Ghanaian community.

Watch the Launch video and Join us this weekend at Piggy’s Pub , Weija Barrier, Accra , 1+1 , Weija Gicel estate and every weekend at a Pub near you and be part of an incredible celebration of music, entertainment, and unity!

This is event is for persons 18yrs and above , drink responsibly!

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