Kasapreko meets with The National Bar Association (NABOA)

Kasapreko meets with The National Bar Association (NABOA)

Thursday, July 27,2023, the commercial department of Kasapreko held a productive meeting aimed at introducing an innovative new product, V12 Chill, to the discerning entrepreneurs of the National Bar Association. The meeting, which took place at Mother’s Inn outlet in North Kaneshie, brought together approximately 30 bar owners eager to experience the innovation firsthand.  

V12 Chill, being the product of the day was introduced to these entrepreneurs as a 7 percent alcohol beverage with an energizing energy component. 

Ms. Pearl Annoh, the marketing manager of Kasapreko provided insights into the brand, highlighting its composition, target audience, and pricing. 

At the heart of this collaborative event was the opportunity for entrepreneurs to sample V12 Chill. Free samples were shared, allowing the attendees to experience the taste and energizing elements firsthand. Bar owners tasted, savored, and engaged with the product, providing their valuable feedback and insights. 

The bar owners found themselves captivated by the fusion of flavors and energy, appreciating the balance V12 Chill struck between relaxation and revitalization. They concluded; the new product is an example of Kasapreko’s dedication to pushing limits and creating exceptional flavor sensations. 

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