Shatta Wale’s Thrilling Contract Renewal with Storm Energy Drink

Shatta Wale’s Thrilling Contract Renewal with Storm Energy Drink

The 19th of July ,2023 marked a milestone for a renewal of contract between the marketing staff of Kasapreko Company Limited and Storm Brand Ambassador, Charles Nii Armah, popularly known as Shatta Wale.

Shatta Wale reaffirmed his allegiance to the company on this date, choosing to extend his ambassadorship for the renowned brand, Storm Energy Drink.
Alongside the contract renewal, there was an engagement in insightful discussions to explore ways to further enhance the partnership.
Linda Aidoo, the brands manager highlighted the strong and productive relationship built with Shatta Wale as the brand ambassador for Storm Energy Drink.

Shatta Wale expressed his gratitude to Kasapreko Company Limited for all the love and support shown throughout the partnership.
He expressed his commitment to the brand is not just about promoting the product but a heartfelt expression of his appreciation for the way Kasapreko has embraced him as part of their family.
Shatta Wale and his father, Charles Mensah, engaged in a thorough contract negotiation process.

Together with Shatta Wale and his father, the marketing manager Pearl Annoh successfully finalized and signed the contract, solidifying their dedication to a successful and mutually beneficial cooperation.

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